Between the Shadows—”intimate, lighthearted, magical, with a little bit of darkness”

Musicians will not be denied as they’ve been creating during the pandemic and the results are bearing fruit now in many tasty waves — here’s a random sampling.

I ran across a young musician, Nick Sadler, with his mask on, and happily grinding on a skateboard on the street. Before the pandemic, he and his musical partner Ben Braden — part of the duo Strange Hotels that was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2018 — were performing every Tuesday at Good Times at Davey Waynes in Hollywood. Previously, back in Portland, they used to appear regularly at the Crystal Ballroom…

Alina on set behind the scenes from the shoot “Clean Plate” (short film, to be released in 2021),

How much does busy Script Supervisor Alina Averianova love movies?

Well, when she attended Moscow’s VGIK, the world’s oldest film school, Averianova reveled in the film program that indulged her love. The now USA-based Averianova explains: “Every week over the course of four years of the undergrad screenwriting program, we had two screening session four-hour long each when we would watch old movies. We started all the way from The Arrival of the Train, went through The Birth of A Nation and Intolerance to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, then onto Chaplin, Germain Expressionism, French New Wave, Italian neo-realism, spaghetti westerns, Asian…

New York-based actor Jason Lee is on a roll.

The Taiwan-born actor, who fell in love with François Truffaut and French New Wave cinema growing up, is now making significant inroads in Hollywood. First, he is appearing as a series regular on Eighty-12, on Amazon Prime Video. And, he will appear on another Amazon Prime series this year, CherryBomb. He previously earned the Excellence Award at the Taipei Fringe Festival for his role of “Father” in a stage adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

Lee, who is building a broad stage and screen resume along with music and musical theater…

Gorgeous motion capture figures

“I never got a pass mark in math…Just imagine, mathematicians now use my prints to illustrate their books.” — M.C. Escher, the Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically inspired art

An artist and a mathematician walk into a bar — and M.C. Escher might’ve asked why not, as the celebrated artist has inspired many to see a fascinating relationship between art and math.

One such Escher fan is in-demand and LA-based animator/motion designer Ankita Panda, whose animated short film, Pause, Play, Repeat, has appeared at Oscar qualifying animation film festivals worldwide. …

Grosso (Cloudy) and Egan (Popeye) on The French Connection set

January 22 marks the one year passing of heroic French Connection NYPD Det. Sonny Grosso. Nicknamed “Cloudy” by Det. Eddie Egan, his longtime NYPD partner, Sonny Grosso’s funeral mass a year ago was all about looking up to the glorious light above the clouds — a “who’s who” of combined law enforcement, political and celebrity congregants paid their respects.

But what would make Sonny Grosso smile now was that at the end of 2020, Time Magazine named The French Connection movie to the list of The 10 Best Movies Based on a True Story, as chosen by TIME staff and…

Ashley Jude Collie

Award-winning journalist-author-blogger for Playboy, TO Star, Movie Entertainment, HuffPost, Hello Canada & my novel REJEX (Pulp Hero Press) is on Amazon.

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