Artist James Peter Henry Brings His Dynamic Palette to Both Coasts

The Artist’s unique take on traditional forms and shapes

Whether it’s “Stefani Germanotta’s” emotive performance and cinematographer Matty Libatique’s stylish work in , Banksy’s always eye-opening street art, or Queen’s enduring rock operas as in Oscar nominated , as consumers of art we’re always looking for something immediately unique with a dash of flair.

You get that sensation when you first view the work of Australian native but now New York and LA-based artist James Peter Henry. It’s distinctive, stands out, and thematically his work stays with you. The affable artist, who had his first exhibition at age 17, says, “I learned early not to accept images as life offers them, but to instead offer an alternative vision as well. I paint not what I see, but what I feel. And, I look at my art as a way to evoke curiosity for the viewer and myself.”

He does indeed evoke curiosity, as his work has reference points in “Aboriginal and African art” with “Cubism” consistently finding its way into his many pieces. His paintings, often done in brilliant colorful acrylic, are big and bold, as he plays with the human form and other shapes.

And, it just so happens Angelenos are going to see more and more of his work in the next few months: his work appears at La Peer Hotel as part of Frieze LA, the first time one of the world’s most influential contemporary art fairs has been presented in Los Angeles; he’s painting a giant mural and related work for the cool Santa Fe Lofts in DTLA (6th and Main); and he’s also got several high profile upcoming gallery exhibitions.

Henry admits, “There are so many amazing things going on, it’s sort of freaking me out, in a good way.” For example, Frieze LA, which mainly takes place at infamous Paramount Studios kicks off during Los Angeles’ 2019 awards season and celebrates the wealth of art and cultural activity across the City of Angels. Henry enthuses, “Just to be part of this event at La Peer Hotel with other great artists is fantastic.”

The Artist at work

Those other artists include Val Kilmer, Billy Zane, Risk, Blek Le Rat, Robert Vargas, Lionel Delby, Andrew Haagen…and James Peter Henry. The event, which involves live painting and print signings, is curated by Megan Phillips of Sur le Mur Gallery.

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