Breaking News — Musician Solomon King, the “Devil” and Stormy Daniels

Solomon King on Fire
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Solomon King has overcome hardscrabble beginnings as an autoworker in Motor City. With a guitar slung over his shoulder, he left Motown and found his future in the City of Angels where his debut solo record, “Under the Sun,” earned a Grammy entrant nomination. His music also earned celebrated airplay on HBO’s True Blood series.

Now, King has an awesome new record, “Against The Current,” and upcoming gigs in support of it, including: playing April 20–21 at the Stock Exchange Saloon in Bisbee (Arizona) at night, and guest appearing at Sonoran Spring Tribal Stomp during the day; and, April 16 at Maui’s Sugar Mill in Reseda (California) to play a blues set, and then in Long Beach on Mothers Day, May 13.

King’s new album “Against the Current” embraces classical music, rock, R&B, the blues and Americana in an eclectic mix of love songs. They represent his adventurous life, so far, which has seen him perform from New York City, Chicago and Hawaii to Australia.

And, that life has also seen him have eye-opening encounters with people like celebrated adult movie star, Stormy Daniels. Yes, the one who had the alleged affair with David Dennison, aka Donald Trump. Stormy recently Tweeted: “People DO care that he lied about it, had me bullied, broke laws to cover it up, etc. And PS…I am NOT going anywhere.” She’s also the one who’s going to tell all on 60 Minutes.

Solomon King has his own story about meeting Stormy but first the story about not taking up a Faustian deal to meet the other devil, you know, the one down there. Back in the 1980s, before he became Solomon King, he was Jeff Laine, lead singer for the rock band called Hollywood Underground. And, they were signed to a division of Capitol Records. He whimsically recalls:

“We had a new record out and a single going up the charts, and I got invited to a swank party up in the Hills. Back then I was doing lots of drugs and alcohol, it went with the rock territory, and doing other things expected of an upcoming rock band. At the party, we stepped into this cavernous room all decked out with minibars. But on the walls, they were projecting movies, like Charlie Manson type flicks, really evil, cultish stuff. I was greeted by this six-seven, bald-headed guy who appeared like a mix of Lurch and Nosferatu. He looked at me like he knew me, and greeted me quite warmly. Then just said, ‘Johnny would like to meet you.’ I’m sipping on a drink and asked, ‘Who’s Johnny?” He looked at me quizzically, and said, ‘Johnny!’ And, again I asked, ‘Who is Johnny?’ Now, he has a look of concern on his face, ‘You know, Johnny!’ I look back at this guy and realize he’s not kidding, and the vibe was strange. And he then suggested that ‘Johnny the devil’ wanted to meet me. Okay, I’m not making this up. As stoned and as full of myself as I was at the time, I realized I was not ready to meet the devil. So, I took a pass and asked him to tell Johnny to go f**k himself but to thank him for buying me a round of drinks. So, we left. Guess what? The very next day I get a call from the record company that they’ve decided to stop promoting the record and were cancelling my contract.”

King as Phil Spector auditioned Stormy Daniels for her closeup

Then just a few years ago, King helped co-produce and star in a fascinating movie called The Phil Spector Incident, which speculates what happened in those last hours between the infamous producer and Lana Clarkson. Writer James Trivers and adult film legendary director, Roy Karch, and King were casting for the Clarkson role, and Karch brought in Stormy Daniels.

King, who’d been at the House of Blues that fateful night, actually saw Spector, in full fright wig leave in a limo with Clarkson. Now, he says of Stormy’s audition around 2009:

“She was quite charming and engaging but admitted being frightened that she’d have to learn lines. The movie was dialog intensive with a lot to learn, and it really required someone with more ‘actor’ type of skills, if you get my meaning. Stormy was terrible in the reading but, to her credit, didn’t make any claims to being an actress. Her claim to fame was that her vagina was so strong that she could shoot ping pong balls out of it. Sure, she could make a great appearance on film if there was a penis or two or a vagina or a ping pong ball nearby — and I say that with all respect. Oh, and I’m not making this up.”

But Stormy flubbed her lines

Writer Trivers, whose intriguing and latest novel is called Hush Money and involves some Kennedy clan shenanigans, quips:

“She said the Spector script reminded her of a time when she was actually over at film producer Robert Evans’ house, and that was a similar experience. We would’ve liked her in the part because we might’ve gotten better distribution — she had a name in the porn industry — but she sort of disappeared. As it was, we got another actress and while someone described the film as a mangled masterpiece, I’m happy people got to view my warped sense of humor…fright wig and all.”

King and his partners met Stormy right before she explored running for a U.S. Senate seat in her home state of Louisiana. Now, she’s got a national platform telling all on venerable 60 Minutes. And, while Solomon King quips that there was no sex at their meeting, Stormy’s own alleged sex sessions with David Dennison, aka our present-POTUS, are the stuff that dreams, or our nightmares, are made of.

Drop in on Solomon King’s website to sample his new record or get a copy of The Phil Spector Incident

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