Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3 — 28 Years Later, Spurs Masters at the Bridge…Finally!

Game winner — “We’ve got Alli, Dele Alli!”
Eriksen’s stunning golazo and then finally…28 Years Later!

After this 3–1 Stamford Bridge tonking, the amateur bloggers and social media posters just nailed it, going right to the heart of the matter — that Tottenham Hotspur will most probably end this Premier League season as London’s top dog — yep, that’s ahead of you fine folks at Chelsea and Arsenal. First time in yonks, to be fair, so no early celebrations, just yet.

But, a third straight season of getting into the Champions League, European football’s top club competition beckons, allowing us Spurs fans to breathe the rarified air in a super elevated world where the richest teams inhabit, a place where we live and die by their exploits. This season Spurs beat both Dortmund and Real Madrid (last season’s winner) in Group play — we’re talking about beating the very best. And, then Spurs almost took out Juventus (last season’s losing finalist) in the KO round. Next year, the soccer gods willing, we’ll edge even closer to Nirvana.

Tottenham’s Pochettino (left) vanquishes Chelsea’s Conte

But for now, let’s talk Spurs, Pochettino, Eriksen, Alli and our West London rivals, or as the delightful Tottenham ditty goes: “Stamford Bridge is falling down, falling down…eff-off Chelsea.”

From longtime Spurs season ticket holder Alan Fisher and his erudite “Tottenham On My Mind” blog:

“It’s a stunning moment. Dele at full tilt pulls down the ball and strokes it into the net in a blur. Strokes, mind you. Not blasted, not bobbled, or sliced, but stroked. From the time the ball leaves Dier’s foot, a pass of such accuracy and dip that Glenn Hoddle would truly have been proud, (there is no greater praise), Dele is the master of the situation… He jogged away, and smiled. Couldn’t resist cupping his hand behind his ear as he trotted unavoidably close to the home fans. Still 21, world at his feet, he can appear furtive and cunning as he runs into the box or gets stuck into a tackle. He knows what he’s doing when he goes over, or, sometimes, goes in high. But he charms his way into supporters’ hearts… Before he’s buried by jubilant team-mates, he delights in the goal like a little boy who has found the most chocolate in the Easter egg hunt… this is a kid come out to play.”

And, from SF Spurs there were these great comments on a couple of now legendary photos of Dele cupping his ear to the stunned and baying rival fans. They say every picture tells a story don’t it? Well, you judge:

Dele cups his ear in sarcastic gesture to baying Chelsea fans — “I can’t hear you!”
The Blues choir is blue all over!
Defeated Chelsea fan giving the bird with both hands
“Oh, no, those mighty Spurs are marching on”

SF Spurs’ Stephen J. Pritchard noted: “I’ve spent a long time studying these photos. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.” And, also, “Nothing illustrates the Americanization of society more than middle fingers are now more popular than the V. Big fan of the guy in the top right shaking his fists. Proper old school.” While, Liam Quinn: “Maybe my favorite (woman with two fingers).” David K. Li: “This woman is amazing — double bird!!” And, Mark Cunningham added (from Scotland): “Plastic fans… don’t even see one Chelsea top (jersey) among any of them.”

Then there’s Spooky’s passionate DearMrLevy blog which further nails the difference between Spurs and Chelsea:

“We had the composure, maturity and ability to brush them aside. We were clinical. This was Pochettino and his philosophy showcased. This was savage Spurs. With added Argentine spite. Lamela biting away at Cesc was a little throw back to past wars and an acceptable dose of naughtiness that I can’t help but gravitate towards. Sanchez and Vertonghen displayed warrior traits keeping Hazard quiet and the team — together — was the complete antithesis of the classless short term culture that Chelsea build, destroy and build up again. Of course, (Chelsea’s) short termism rewards them with silverware, even when swapping managers every couple of seasons. It’s a model that has proven pedigree but no true identity that the supporters can embrace. They do embrace it but they’re lying to themselves. It’s a shallow existence and one that seems to favour many fans that simply want to be associated with success like it’s the only measurable variable you can attain following your team…

“After all of it, after twenty-eight years…this isn’t old Tottenham. There are no artifacts from the past…Every one of the goals scored against them is exactly what defines Spurs to me. That it was Chelsea, this it was twenty-eight years makes it even sweeter. It’s in these moments that I’m thankful Tottenham chose me. I’m sure most supporters will say the same about their own club, but I couldn’t imagine supporting anyone else. I doubt anyone else can come close to the heart pulling emotional tapestry this team weaves.”

Even Captain Kirk and actress/Spurs fan Marina Sirtis love Spurs
Traveling reporter extraordinaire John Ellis feels the footballing gods are finally with Spurs

And, finally, from traveling Spurs fanatic, John Ellis, in his game report:

“The Bridge of Sighs is no more — Sunday it was transformed into The Bridge of Highs! After 28 long years of misery, Tottenham finally triumphed at Stamford Bridge! What a victory it was too, secured with style and panache. Eriksen and Dele rounded off a fantastic team performance with stunning moments of individual brilliance…The referee blew the final whistle to bring an almighty cheer from the away end. Spurs had done it! The Sky Sports adverts which had ridiculed Spurs record at Chelsea would now be consigned to history! Spurs had broken their last remaining hoodoo! The walk back to Fulham Broadway was a very enjoyable and loud one. Spurs were the Kings of the Road! The victory also created an eight-point cushion on Chelsea languishing in fifth place. With just seven games remaining, Champions League football at the new White Hart Lane is now looking a much stronger possibility!”

Spurs fans mischievously chanted our rivals will next be playing Thursday nights

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