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  • The Shadow

    The Shadow

    Please follow our publication (https://medium.com/the-shadow) instead of the account. Managed by Editors of The Shadow.

  • Mary Loveless

    Mary Loveless

    Privileged, White, Sexual-Assault-Surviving, Gun-Owning, Planned-Parenthood-Patient-Escorting, Republican-Voting, Southern Debutante

  • Alex Waite

    Alex Waite

    Freelance sports writer with everyday coverage and ramblings, mainly about the beautiful game. Interest in all things past. waiteyal.wordpress.com

  • Armen Rostamian

    Armen Rostamian

    Professional geek. Amateur polymath. Culture nerd. Melophile. I build and write about useful systems of people, culture, and things.

  • The Risk Pundit

    The Risk Pundit

    I am a Risk Management expert and writer with a passion for helping normal people understand how risks impact their lives

  • Holly Wood

    Holly Wood

    Documentarian of the absurd.

  • Julian Troiano

    Julian Troiano

  • Rita D. Troiano

    Rita D. Troiano

  • Frank Troiano

    Frank Troiano

  • Amanda Ripley

    Amanda Ripley

    Journalist & NY Times bestselling author. Most recent book: HIGH CONFLICT: Why We Get Trapped & How We Get Out (Prev: SMARTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD & UNTHINKABLE)

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