From “The Exorcist,” to “Blair Witch,” “Let the Right One In” and “Don’t Breathe,” Vito Dinatolo’s “Face of Evil” has that WTF-factor

On the run from his demons, real or not

“You infect them, then you save the world, make a little profit, oldest trick in the book…”

“Can you imagine people’s reactions if they really knew what was going on?” — Face of Evil, quotes

What the hell did I just watch? Face of Evil, which is described as a psychological thriller/horror by director/writer/auteur Vito Dinatolo, well, it unsettled me.

FOE Director Dinatolo makes an “eye-catching” cameo appearance a la Hitchcock
Private Williams and Sarge (R): “This is Hell, son…”
A spooky, sexy songbird — FOE’s score sets an unsettling tone

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