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Going for Guinness record, Frisco also suggests shaking up your playlist by dropping the Strings on your player

Check. Frisco. Out.

In a world where some people want to build more walls and fences, an awesome Minsk-raised composer/guitarist/singer named “Frisco” (born Yahor Tretsyakou-Savich in Belarus) is breaking down barriers with his alternative rock band “the Strings” as they tour Europe and also perform at the Festival Zone of the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk’s Dreamland Park this summer.

Multi-faceted Frisco, who is also planning to set the new Guinness record for Longest Marathon Playing Bass Guitar in July at Repetas Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, is offering Western tastes and ears something raw and passionate but also surprisingly melodic.

First of all, at a music event last year at Hollywood’s W Hotel, this blogger met an LA-based, Russian filmmaker who connected me to Belarusian musician “Frisco.” Let’s face it, one of the more positive things about the Internet is helping to break down barriers between musicians and new audiences.

So, not speaking a word of his language, I checked out the Strings music on YouTube and my first thoughts on a tune called “Мой мир” (My World) was you really don’t have to understand words, to feel the passion and infectious energy of music, as it is the universal language. “My World” features Frisco strutting and bouncing around with his bandmates and performing a raucous sort of heavy metal/punk/rap.

So, who was this nu-metal dude?

Frisco’s Eye-opening Resume

Frisco/Yahor Tretsyakou-Savich’s eye-popping and extensive resume reports: after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters degree in Economics, he then studied guitar and vocals at private schools; he’s done production, PR, marketing, recording, and marketing activities for his own studio and indie label; he’s performed on bass worldwide with other bands like Zeistencroix (industrial metal) and Dizzy Box Nine (punk rock); he’s now performed in over 50 gigs all over Europe and in the U.S.; he’s recorded 10 CDs; and, as leader of the Strings, he is now finishing a new record with them, as well as working on a solo “Frisco” album.

Certainly, that’s one busy dude doing some “powerful and dynamic” music projects. So, I first asked him about the Guinness marathon bass playing challenge. Apparently, musician Mark Edwards holds the record at 41:41 hours and Frisco plans to play bass at least 44 hours, nonstop, with Guinness already confirming his application and they’re waiting for the evidence.

Frisco’s keys to Guinness Record challenge at Repetas Studio

Both intelligent and quirky, Frisco quips:

“You’d think I was going to drink a looooot of coffee. But, truthfully, I have a special food and drink plan, to compensate power loss and necessary calories. But the most important thing is that I’ve prepared a groovy playlist, with a mix of genres that will help me to stay focused all the time. The playlist consists of great artists like Three Days Grace, Machine Head, Hollywood Undead, Michael Jackson, Zeistencroix, my band the Strings, Ill Nino, Papa Roach, P.O.D., Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day, Muse and much more. So, I’ve organized them from soft to heavy in time to slow it down or then get going when necessary. And of course, support of family and friends means really a lot for me.”

Furthermore, with him going for the Guinness record, Frisco also thanks Antanas Rogas of Repetas Studios, the biggest place to rehearse and record in Lithuania. Rogas explains:

“We have three studios with pro gear for rehearsals, and also have technicians who help musicians to set up their gear. Our rooms have excellent acoustics, and we make records through our Universal Audio recording equipment and also through a vintage analog console and a Studer tape machine. We’re happy to provide space and time for Frisco’s Guinness record.”

If Music be the Food of Love & Life, Frisco says Rock On

Finally, Frisco says that the music scene in Europe is so alive full of energy, and he plans to continue expanding his horizons, explaining:

“Music excites me because I believe it’s my way. When you fight for what you love, you’ll always have a reason to wake up every morning. I have three main goals until the end of the year after the Festival Zone at the European Games and the Guinness challenge. First of all, we have to finish our album with my band the Strings. Then I want to release a new single for my solo album called ‘One More Ride.’ It will be a dynamic mix of acoustic, rock and electronic genres. Also I have some ideas for a music video for a new single and I’m excited to create a team to work with.”

So, we recommend you drop some of Frisco and the Strings on your player and expand your listening pleasure.

Drop in on Frisco on Instagram, and on YouTube, and check out him out on Patreon.



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