Growth and Channel Manager Jono Tan helps influence viewers to 20 million views

“Jono and I worked on a lot of projects, with most of them with him being the producer and director. Examples can be easily found on YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips and ShortCircuit. Jono is superb, he makes everyone welcome on set, while providing clear direction so we can produce informative and entertaining content.” — Andy Zhang, Production Supervisor, Linus Media Group

As a Growth Manager and Channel Manager at Linus Media Group, Jono Tan was always geared to giving viewers what they wanted. In doing so, he actually wore various hats for this full-service production company. acting as a producer, sales manager, coach, trainer, co-ordinator, line-producer, and even directing. In fact, he was a producer on the Mac vs PC Video Editing Showdown on Linus Tech Tips, which has garnered over a whopping 6 million views. He’s also been a producer on half a dozen other videos with over a million views each.

As a result, the much in-demand Jono has acquired a unique set of skills for creating “must-see” content on platforms like YouTube, and driving people to subscribe to new channels. For example, he earned two Creator Awards, while working at ShortCircuit under the Linus Media Group umbrella. The two awards were for helping to gain 100,000 and then for 1,000,000 subscribers for ShortCircuit, a YouTube channel that reviews tech, within nine months of the channel launch.

Moreover, he says of what makes him unique: “My overall years of experience as a Product and Growth Manager and team leader, and working through a road of difficult trials and errors, has led me to develop a few key skills and understandings — firstly, learning from mistakes and taking responsibility for said problems. However, more people I know who have had similar roles to me either dismissed mistakes as ‘it happened this one time’ or ‘it’s because that happened’ instead of actually trying to dig in. Besides, blaming others isn’t a good look.”

While as ShortCircuit’s Channel Manager, Jono helped double the brand’s portfolio, while also curating product content, publishing videos, and monitoring video performance. Additionally, he helped direct and coach the channel’s new hosts during video production.

Linus Media Group’s Andy Zhang previously noted Jono being a team player, explaining, he provided clear guidance and coaching. Jono further talks about this other skill as evidenced on the ShortCircuit set: “I worked with each host before, during, and after production to coach and help them develop their talents and craft a story to help make the video better altogether, and help for future videos so things are created faster and better each time. I love encouraging and inspiring others.”

To date, Jono has 15 years plus of expertise in fostering healthy and profitable business relationships with global brands including ASUS, Mercedes, and Honda, along with top influencers such as Kallmekris — TikTok star (44.4M Followers and 1.9B Likes), and YouTuber and fashion blogger.

So, Jono is in lofty company, also citing MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) and Mark Rober as iconic YouTubers and influencers with millions of subscribers whom he closely watches and learns from. He admits, “Getting a large following, that’s really a big unknown as I’ve seen people grind day in and day out getting a handful of followers, and subscribers per day until they can really start getting momentum, while others can be an overnight success. It’s not easy, but once you start, and if you have that drive, it’s really hard to stop.”

Additionally, while tracking key new developments online, Jono suggests: “I pride myself on recognizing trends and utilizing them as early and most efficiently as possible. An example is utilizing YouTube’s newest video trend Shorts in 2020. As early as possible, we tried the video format to not just get more views, but also to attract more and newer viewers to our content.”

As for an explosive online platform like YouTube, he suggests its emergence was waiting to happen for several reasons: “YouTube has been revolutionary since it’s an online platform that can be accessed 24/7 and on demand almost anywhere in the world. You’re not region-bound, and you can watch it as many times as you want. Additionally. established creators are almost not bound in what kind of content they can create as long as it’s not cringe-worthy, or politically sided.”

Moreover, Jono who cites his parents’ inspiration for “working hard, being dedicated to getting things done, and being honest with others and yourself,” is also encouraged by what people like Mark Rober have accomplished. Of the former NASA and Apple engineer, who then became known for his YouTube videos on popular science and do-it-yourself gadgets, Jono offers, “Rober built a new space that is truly amazing and made a new product launch to go along with it. People like him are able to explain complex systems easily and are able to grow a viable business out of it. And, their success shows that people can go from dorm rooms, garages, and living rooms to full operating businesses making products and providing beneficial services.”

Most importantly, Jono says online media is here to stay and isn’t going away. For someone who has produced a video that garnered over 20 million views, he continues to put his awesome skill-set out there: Business development, Customer acquisition & retention, Project management, Digital marketing, and various E-Commerce skills. As for the future, he enthuses, “Apart from what I’m working on now, I’d love to manage more creators and coach them on being successful in front of the camera or behind it.”

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