If You Want a Taste of Something Different, Check Out “Sherif Serag and the Time Travelers” along with Omer Avni at The Troubadour and at Other Upcoming Gigs

American-raised but Egyptian-born musician Sherif Serag and Israeli-born producer/musician Omer Avni share a passion for music.

As a young teen, Serag first hit the LA music scene when his mother allowed him to see The Hippos at the famous Roxy. Since then he has written and recorded several records, and also played in bands and hit the Sunset Strip, performing legendary spots like the Roxy, Whiskey, Avalon (Palace), The Viper Room and The Troubadour just south on Santa Monica. Avni formerly served in the Israeli army and then later became a conscientious objector to war, in general. But, all the time, he pursued his love of music as a producer with Jason Derulo, Mary J Blige, Lost in Los Angeles, Dear Buckley and is presently working with Sadie Nardini, Reina Mora, and Ely Jaffe at his Riotvan Productions studio in North Hollywood.

Serag worked with Avni as a producer on the vocalist/guitarist’s first solo EP, Look How Far We’ve Come, which included the single, “Home.” Serag says of Avni: “He’s an incredible producer and also a fine musician, so he sees it from that viewpoint, not from an engineer’s point. He’s taught me a lot — Omer has what I lack, he has an ear for details.”

Conversely, Avni, who’s been an active musician since the age of 15, says of Serag: “Depth is what separates Sherif from others. I’m a big fan of his honesty. Admitting to one’s fears makes Sherif a brave songwriter and a rare bird in today’s music scene.”

So, it makes sense that the two LA-based artists have finally joined their impressive forces to create some exciting and honest new music and a hot performance vehicle, Sherif Serag and the Time Travelers. Avni explains:

“Even though he’s still a young man, Sherif had been in the scene forever, he knows everybody. We worked together on his last EP and ever since then kept in touch and played off and on. And then we decided what we wanted was a band of brothers — brothers for life — and to bring people closer to us that we felt comfortable with, to write out some great songs and arrangements. We were lucky to find amazing players and awesome people and the energy has never been better.”

Sherif Serag and The Time Travelers includes drummer Eduardo Baldo, Tamir Kedem on keyboards, bassist Josh Turner, along with Omer Avni on guitar, and Sherif Serag on guitar and vocals. Avni enthuses:

“We are working with Justin Goodarz, the awesome co-founder of Blossom Records, and he describes our new band as El Paso rockers ‘At the Drive-In’ meets ‘Kings of Leon.’ Our sound is raw, classic and heavier then ever. We recently recorded a live set at Stagg Street Studios in Van Nuys. We didn’t want to produce something like many of today’s digital sequenced recordings, so the music is like a breath of fresh air for us. We literally did it like bands would do it in the 70s — one takes of the whole band trying to achieve an honest performance, and intimate integrity between us and hopefully our fans and listeners. While I produced and engineered the record, there were minimal edits — just that live feel.”

Blues rocker and former Grammy entrant nominee Solomon King, who is working on a very unique rap/blues song with Avni called “Hollywood Blue,” says of Omer, “He is one of most passionate artists, and is unswerving in his belief as a producer. Omer believes in what he believes and is passionately committed to what he believes.”

Frontman Serag notes that the local community has already been getting on onboard with Sherif Serag and the Time Travelers, and the band has been playing some Wild Riot events in Silver Lake. He also says the first new single, from the Stagg Street live sessions, will be coming out in September, followed by a second single in October. Next will be an EPK in mid-November with a full release by the start of the New Year. He adds, “The band is so charged up writing, that we’ve also begun working on a full studio album for next year.”

But first up, the new band, Sherif Serag and the Time Travelers, will be debuting some of their awesome and raw new music at The Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard on August 17.

A totally stoked Serag adds:

“It feels like the time is right. Omer and I have come a long way since we started working together. We’re hitting The Troubadour hard, in support of our friends Satellite Citi and their video release. The whole evening is being presented by the amazing K’noup and Wild Riot. Come check us out around Los Angeles as we gear up for our new record.”

Drop in on Omer Avni and Sherif Serag, and Blossom Records on Facebook, and on their websites.



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