Inspired by Hollywood, Argentine Actor/Producer Yamila Saud Serves up Star Quality, Talent & Dedication

Triple threat Yamila Saud

Talented, hard-working and striking Yamila Saud recently appeared in the visually fascinating Hypersomnia, which earned awards for her and the film’s director, Gabriel Grieco, and a trip to the Cannes Film Festival. She recalls the excitement of working on Hypersomnia which appeared on Netflix:

“I had worked with Gabriel on a video we filmed. Then one day we met and he told me about the Hypersomnia movie idea — that he saw the character in me. Upon learning what the story was about, I immediately said yes. It was a wonderful experience and the film won many awards for best director, best cinematography and best actress. The film won awards at ‘Insólito’ the Terror and Fantasy Film Festival in Lima, Peru. We also won an award for best film at the Mar del Plata Festival, and that led us to the Cannes festival, I am really very happy to have been part of Hypersomnia and with Gabriel for believing in me to make this beautiful project. I am now working with Gabriel on a movie that we will shoot in Los Angeles in 2021.”

So, as an award-winner herself, she admits she’s proud to stand on the shoulders of fellow Argentine filmmakers who have earned success internationally, and in Hollywood — Argentine filmmakers have earned several Oscars including for Best Foreign Language Film, Art Direction, Original Screenplay and for Original Score.

She says of her fellow Argentine Oscar successes: “I love that Argentine filmmakers and actors are succeeding in the international market. There is a lot of talent in my country, directors, actors…film music composers and musicians. I am proud to be Argentine.”

Born in Cordoba in Argentina, Saud has been performing on stage since she was seven years old at local carnivals like Corsos de Unquillo. Her mother took her to a modeling academy, and she “did clothing advertising campaigns and opened children’s catwalks, so I’ve been performing and loving it from a very early age. I was born an artist. I love expressing myself and I thank my family for having supported me in my beginnings.”

Early on, Saud also appeared in several national TV series including, Condicionados, Solamente vos/Only You, Farsantes, Señales del fin del mundo, and Viudas e hijos del Rock and Roll? She recalls, “Condicionados/Conditioned was my first job on TV and they were all good experiences.”

Indeed, this Argentine dynamo, who studied at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) which is one of the premier visual and performing arts colleges in the world, is loving her work in movies, several of which have appeared on Netflix. Most recently, these movies include Hypersomnia, Just Love (Solo el Amor) and El Encanto, whose Spanish producer, Diego Corsini, praises dynamic Saud:

“Yamila is one of those people who knows a lot but is always willing to continue learning because they have no ceiling. I believe that there are two types of people that can reach success, the very talented and the very hardworking. The first ones find it easy to achieve things but they find it hard to organize and have a work routine. The second are more difficult but with much effort they can achieve their goals too. Yamila has the quality of a star because she meets both conditions, she is talented and hardworking.”

Yamila Saud (left) hard at work on set

Her hard work is grounded in solid schooling. In Argentina, Saud studied at the famous Academy of Carlos Gandolfo, with Dora Baret and Matias Gandolfo, and it kick-started her career in TV and film production. She humbly admits, “I have learned from every director, actor, and producer I’ve worked with. I love to learn and improve myself.”

That overall passion and interest in various aspects of filmmaking inspired her to be an actor, writer and producer on yet another movie, Solo el Amor:

Just Love is a movie in which I was also the writer and I loved the experience with the directors Diego Corsini and Andres Caballero. It was a wonderful, learning process. Then in El Encanto (The Charm) I worked with directors Ezequiel Tronconi and Juan Sasiain. I felt very comfortable and for me that is very important.”

She also explains her initial foray into producing: “When I started to produce I didn’t know it all, but it just happened naturally. I am passionate about producing as I love challenges when an idea starts, then grows and develops. With each project I have learned to let go of my role as a producer when it is time for my actress to begin. I have also recently discovered directing. It is something that at some point I would like to do.”

Claiming such idols as Latina actress Salma Hayek and Argentine actor Ricardo Darin, and multiple Oscar winning director/producer Alfonso Cuarón, Saud claims when she views US award shows like the Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, and Academy Awards, “They inspire me to keep going, improving and working hard to be play my own part of it.”

And, while she has film projects lined up for 2021, she has also been taking advantage of the pandemic, Saud enthuses: “I started to work on my music. And, I’m about to complete my album and related videos, so I’m so excited about releasing them very soon. My overall goal is improve myself as a human been and work in what makes me happy, which includes growing as an actress and musician, and person.”

Yamila Saud is also involved in an exciting philanthropic cause with Colombian-born, international violinist, singer/actress Esther Anaya, the founder of Asaf Angels Inc. Anaya’s charity, which provides tools and resources to children in underprivileged communities, believes in the power of music and performing arts and its impact on personal development — “Through music and performing arts, youth can dream big and become extraordinary humans.”

Watch out and keep your ears attuned to the triple threat (acting, writing, producing) that is Yamila Saud.

Check out Yamila Saud’s website, her credits on IMDb and her photos on IMDb, on Instagram, and on Facebook. And, drop in on Asaf Angels and founder Esther Anaya on Instagram.

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