Kid Bloom Rocks the Greek with Irresistible Singles, “Parents House” & “Prom,” and now Heads to Teragram Ballroom for Halloween Bash

When local band, Kid Bloom, recently played the famous and packed Greek Theater, opening for fellow SoCal performers The Neighborhood, it was like Kid’s frontman Lennon Kloser said during their performance, “It’s a dream come true for us, thank you.”

But this young band, which has a goal to “to make pop rock relevant again” has big plans. As polite as frontman Kloser is in interviews, with a name like Lennon (after John Lennon) and being brought up by hippie parents who played Beatles and other classic pop-rock of the 60s and the 70s who sold out big stadiums and rocked the record charts, he has big ambitions for his band. With a mischievous grin, he admits playing the Greek Theater was daunting but he nevertheless says, “We’d like to be the largest act out there in our genre. We’ve got a path.”

And there is something to their plan. The first two singles off their “Lemonhead” project are memorably catchy tunes that just get under your skin like an addictive three-to-four minute hit.

Kid Bloom setting up for a shoot

The first of the band’s two newest singles, “Parents House,” is up to almost a million plays on Spotify and for good reason. It’s got irresistible riffs, some real musicianship, and is an ode to hanging and making out when the parents are away. Yeah, you remember those days. The fun, easy breezy video is filled with psychedelic images and kicks off with Kloser sitting on the boot of a classic Mustang as an anonymous couple steams up the windows inside. Evocative or what?!

From their first EP, A Different State of Mind, which dabbles in psyche-pop, to these two new singles, this writer senses the vibe that these lads were influenced by. When I mention “Parents House” has a Donovan/T-Rex feel, he enthuses, “Yeah, man I freaking love T-Rex so much, they were so cool. Growing up, I was thinking this band is just sick.”

Then when I waded into their second most recent single “Prom?” — it’s been on KROQ’s Locals Only and Pancakes and Whiskey. I immediately felt the vibe of the ’70s band 10cc and their hit, “I’m Not in Love” which didn’t do so shabbily — being the band’s second number-one UK hit. Kloser almost tripped over himself, exclaiming, “I love 10cc!” He immediately sings the opening lyrics to “The Things We Do for Love” adding, “You’re hitting all the right notes, man, with your observations, thank you.”

There are three more singles coming out in this “Lemonhead” project, including the title song, which Kloser says has a “a cool 80s-like Tears for Fears feel.” Then there’s one that has the alternative R&B vocal feel of The Weeknd, Plus, one more to make up three singles that along with “Parents House” and “Prom?” that will end the cycle of Lemonhead. Kloser grins, “Then ideally, we’ll get a deal for a record, because it’s time.”

Kid Bloom is “alright!”

As for the band, Kloser knows two of them from high school — guitarist Zach Tabori and bassist Blake Morrell — and they’re joined by drummer Clayton Sewelson. These guys make up a talented, hard-working quartet — solid rhythm beats, exciting guitar riffs, and harmonic vocals. And, then for fun, much like bands like the Rolling Stones would add a keyboardist for live shows, Kid Bloom invites keyboardist Bobby Victor to play live with them. Kloser laughs, “We call him ‘Beyonce’ and in LA, he’s like a Swiss army knife, because he works with so many bands, and he can do everything — he’s the best singer in the band and he rips the keys.”

While Kid Bloom finishes up releasing these three singles, they also have an awesome gig coming up at LA’s Teragram Ballroom on October 18. Kloser explains, “It’s a lovely venue and we’re stoked to be headlining a Halloween themed show called ‘Undead Prom’ which is tied into our second single, Prom. Come have some fun with us.”

If you haven’t heard of Kid Bloom, it may be time to jump on the train before it rolls out of the station.

Drop in on Kid Bloom on Facebook, Soundcloud, and for Tour dates, and also on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: @kidbloomusa

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