Max Subar’s New Single “Mr. Fate” Poignantly Captures a Moment in a Musician’s Life, much like the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Subar’s first of four new singles
Subar during his recent recording period — Othalie Husøy

It all does begin with a song.

APM Music’s Caron Nightingale began as a touring artist, a singer-songwriter and then producer who segued into music publishing, where it’s still about the song. She’s an alchemist when it comes to connecting people in the music business, and through her extensive connections, I recently came across Chicago-based singer-songwriter Max Subar who this month releases Mr. Fate, the first of four recently recorded singles.

First, I scrolled through Subar’s Facebook music page, listening to recent clips from various shows around Chi-town. Immediately, this earnest singer-songwriter reminded me of Oscar Isaac’s character in Inside Llewyn Davis, the story of folk singer struggling for a successful music career in New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Similarly, the great Bob Dylan also began his folk singing career in Greenwich Village, and there’s a strong suggestion the movie is inspired by the challenges of real people like Dylan and fellow musician Dave Van Ronk.

And, listening more to Max Subar, I felt transported back to that exact time in space when songwriters reflected the very zeitgeist of the 60s, the power of observant and honest introspection during those changing times.

When I listened to Subar’s lyrically poignant new single, “Mr. Fate,” that also features some very tasty accompanying musicianship, I sensed a similar honesty about Subar’s own emotions and struggles as an artist today. He explains:

“I relate to all those legendary songwriters, and the performance of Oscar Isaac in the movie. Mr. Fate is an old tune of mine I wrote while living in LA. The first few lines of the song were inspired by a hike I took in Angeles National Forest when I was feeling particularly reflective. It was a beautiful day but I could see these big, bold storm clouds rolling in and it made me think about the ebb and flow of identity and self. At that time, I felt as though I was reluctantly saying goodbye to an old, young and unaware self. I was accepting that to move forward I would have to face my own darkness — having dealt with depression throughout my life — to continue growing towards my best self. This song is about always moving forward, fearlessly, into new chapters of life. Embracing the storm that lies between you and the clearing.”

Max Shubar (l) recorded with producer Tyler Neil Johnson (r) — Othalie Husøy
Musicians Sam and Max Subar

As for his quartet of new singles, he adds:

“I went out to Vancouver for 10 days this past April with my brother Sam Subar who’s a drummer. We met up with producer, Tyler Neil Johnson, and worked on four standalone singles. This is the first of four that I’m excited to continue releasing throughout the year.”

As for upcoming gigs, he’s already performed quite a few this year in Chicago, and is currently in the process of booking more for the year.

His new single “Mr. Fate” premieres June 21 exclusively streaming at For Folks Sake (the UK blog) on Soundcloud. And, on Bandcamp, Apple Music/iTunes, and Spotify on June 22.

Drop in on Max Subar on Facebook and Instagram.

Award-winning journalist-author-blogger for Playboy, TO Star, Movie Entertainment, HuffPost, Hello Canada & my novel REJEX (Pulp Hero Press) is on Amazon.

Award-winning journalist-author-blogger for Playboy, TO Star, Movie Entertainment, HuffPost, Hello Canada & my novel REJEX (Pulp Hero Press) is on Amazon.