Proactive Actor Oliver Fredin Not Waiting around for his Break

“Lights, camera, action” — Oliver Fredin ready for his close-up
Actor Oliver Fredin styling in his “Clark Kent” outfit

Hurry Up. And. Wait.

That’s the operative word for Hollywood actors. From big budget to independent sets. From A-list actors to aspiring thespians. From waiting for the word “action” to waiting and then waiting some more for the call-back after a hopeful audition.

Taking the initiative, actor Oliver Fredin decided not to wait but to go proactive.

While attending the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, he quickly performed on his first student film, then after school he hustled to work on mixed projects, short films, television and commercials. But, having already attended musical school for ten years and doing a lot of singing and drama/theater, he felt he had to up his game, explaining:

“I realized I had to be more proactive and try to sell myself in the film industry. I spoke to a photographer friend of mine, and told him about this idea to get myself a medieval/fantasy costume and do a still photo shoot and film as well. So. we took both photos and filmed over a day. It turned out to be a success. I started to market myself with those portraits and the short film called Rise. And, as a result, I´ve booked myself several productions for 2020 thanks to that proactive idea I had, and also to my management team at Area Zone Entertainment and Charles Dre Jennings, who’s been consulting producer on several exciting projects.”

Growing up in Helsingborg, Sweden, Fredin remembers being enthralled by the big-budget movie adaptations of author Tolkien’s high-fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. Now he enthuses about one awesome project he’s presently involved in:

“I fell in love as those fantasy movies made me feel like I wanted to be a part of them. They screened something I could only dream of and I so wanted it. Now, I’ve currently got a lead role in a feature-length sci-fi thriller called Dark Cycle, playing a superhero, Cyber, who’s fighting aliens and supervillains. The filmmakers want to create an unique superhero that’s never really been seen before, a robotic Viking who’s fighting with epic guns instead of swords and axes. Exciting, right?! The director plans to have the production done by December and then sent out to film festivals with the hope of winning awards and getting investors to help make a whole series of films.”

Fredin says he’s stoked about playing the role of “Cyber” because the plan is to shoot a series of films featuring this unique superhero. The director is already working on a sequel and the production for this sequel is planned to start in July 2020.

In fact, if things go according to plan, Fredin may kick off an action career similar to fellow Swede Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago in the Rocky franchise, Gunner Jensen in The Expendables franchise and He-Man in Masters of the Universe). He quips: “I’ll be very happy if Cyber launches an action career for me.”

As a child, Fredin loved to perform in front of his family then in class and on stage, so he feels comfortable in the spotlight. And he welcomes the productions that his proactive strategy is bringing to him:

“I’m thrilled to have some new productions for 2020 confirmed. I´m getting cast for Stranded on Death Row that is planning to start production at the end of January 2020. My management team includes Charles Dre Jennings who´s one of the producers for this fascinating project. It´s a film about the rise and fall of Death Row Records, with production taking place in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The producers are currently in negotiation with an A-list cast and they’re planning to have theatrical/Netflix releases. Additionally, in development is Bone Man, a horror film about a white hate group that suddenly disappears. My manager Charles Dre Jennings is also one of the producers and I will play a bigger role in that movie. Production is slated to start in August 2020.”

And, there’s more. Remember the epic 2004 historical adventure movie, Troy, with Brad Pitt as Achilles and a host of A-list actors playing warriors? The BAFTA and Gemini-award winning character actor Brian Cox played Agamemnon, a king who commanded the united Greek armed forces in the ensuing Trojan War. Well, last summer, Fredin began development work on a concept feature film called Young Gods that deals with the same time period as big budget Troy. He explains:

“My character is King Agamemnon, no less. The script and feature are currently under development. It´s a stylized historical film about the years leading up to the Trojan War. As Agamemnon, I play the ruler of Mycenae who’s about to go to war. I´m also thrilled to have this part and look forward to working on it when production starts in September 2020. I’m excited about the upcoming months, and my goal is to grow as an actor and continue on in the film industry. My boyhood dream, way back when I first saw The Lord of the Rings, is steadily turning into a reality.”

Fredin’s management company Area Zone recently hosted the HAPAwards, inviting the actor to present an award himself. And, to date, Fredin has worked on a variety of movies including Dive, Purple Lights, Burglar, The New Girlfriend, Fix You, Triangle Love, Golden Era Project #15, The Gift, and Heir, as well as appearing in the stage production of Infinite Black Suitcase, among others.

Here’s to Oliver Fredin, and to all of us who won’t just wait around because as Tolkien once wrote, “It is not the strength of the body, but the strength of the spirit,” that really counts.

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