Renowned Guitar Man Bernie LaBarge Readies for his Next Chapter…and More

Younger Bernie LaBarge on fire
“If you have Bernie LaBarge on your gig, you know you’re covered”

“Bernie is my brother. We’ve shared so many happy, fun times together doing what we both love most. I have learned from his guitar playing and I think it’s made me a fuller player. His sense of rhythm and dynamics is a strong suit I admire.” — Alex Lifeson (Rush)

Hall of Fame: LaBarge (7th from L) & Troiano and Who’s Who lineup with Michelle Phillips

“My dear friend Bernie LaBarge is one of the best rhythm and blues and rock guitar players (and country) that I’ve ever heard! His inate musicality and his blistering solos used to blow me away on a regular basis.” — Neil Donell (lead singer for Chicago)

“I’ve known Bernie LaBarge for decades. We’ve recorded and toured the world together, and working with him was always a joy. The ultimate groove player and one of the finest blues players alive.” — David Clayton-Thomas

The dynamic duo of Domenic Troiano & LaBarge

“Bernie’s a sweetheart of the musical rodeo: a Telly fella, a Beatles aficionado, guitar chair in The Dexters, a child of the 60’s, and tasteful guitar man about town. When Chet Atkins encouraged us to pick and grin, Bernie took to that to heart and soul.” — Rik Emmett (Triumph)

LaBarge performing with yet another icon, Jose Feliciano

“If you have Bernie LaBarge on your gig, you know you’re covered. He always knows the right thing to play, and always has a smile. When he played with me on the Rhinoceros reunions gig in 2009, it felt like the original band was back together as he covered that guitar part perfectly. When you’ve got Bernie on stage, you’re in for a good time. He’s a great guitar player and a great friend.” — Danny Weis (Lou Reed, Iron Butterfly, Bette Midler, Rhinoceros)

LaBarge with his trademarked smile

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