The Potential of Advanced UFO Fuel & Propulsion Scares the Bejesus out of Big Oil

What if we really could rid ourselves from choking on our addiction to fossil fuels and save our planet? And, let’s be a little fanciful — what if people were able to generate power, virtually for free without further raping our planet? If we could, we can see those traditional fuel stocks taking a nosedive, already.

So, what do UFOs have to do with the price of Exxon stock? Well, according to people like nuclear physicist Bob Lazar, who claims to have seen test flights of “alien” craft, and ufologist Steven Greer, the seemingly miraculous benefits of “alien” fuel could be one reason that UFO sightings have been kept under wraps by the military/industrial complex.

The Fortune in Men’s Eyes — Graphics by S. Zoller

The End of Big Oil?

First off, Greer, who helped produce the 2017 documentary, Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret, warns that the economic power of an entirely new energy paradigm is at the heart of why Governments, Big Oil and others are struggling so hard to keep UFO existence and technology a secret.

Greer explains, “The Establishment doesn’t want people to know, not so much that there’s life out in the universe, but it’s about the technology. How do you put something like that in the sky and move it (around so radically) without sound? You’re not dealing with fossil fuels, you’re dealing with an entirely new area of physics, which if disclosed, would mean the end of Big Oil and of public utilities as we know them.”

Bob Lazar, who recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience show with stories to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, was a low level nuclear physicist who was recruited to work at S-4 a top secret facility just south of Area 51 in the late 1980s. His remit was to study “an advanced propulsion system.” He soon found out that his team’s job was actually to reverse engineer an “alien” craft — just how the hell did they work?

Lazar later went public and claimed that the US military actually had several “alien craft” which were propelled by anti-matter reactors that if successfully reverse engineered would transform the world overnight. According to Lazar, the reactors allowed the craft to defy the laws of science, as we know them, without producing any detectible heat, exhaust or pollution.

On the Rogan show, Lazar called the technology he was hired to back-engineer as “borderline magic,” but that the “initial excitement turned to dread” because “the power levels were astronomical.” He relates: “We knew there was a fuel source in the craft and we played around with the parts enough where we could make the reactor operate. But we weren’t able to understand how it worked.”

He tells of officially seeing a craft lifting off the ground. When he stood underneath the silent craft, it became invisible as gravity can bend light and radio waves.

Only on Wednesdays

Several months later, he unofficially got a hold of a schedule for high performance tests. He recalls, “They’d do them on Wednesdays because there was less road traffic nearby to see them. I took some friends and we hung out in a camper and filmed the flights. We didn’t get caught until the third time, but we saw them do some radical maneuvers over the mountain range. The moves were similar to what the Nimitz Navy fighter pilots later described in 2004.”

Representation of Bob Lazar’s crew who unofficially filmed S-4 “alien craft” flight — By S. Zoller

I followed up with my filmmaker friend, digital artist and ufologist Stephen Zoller, who provided the brilliant graphics for this story.

Q What have you heard about this new energy solution from people like scientist Bob Lazar?

A I was initially doubtful when I first heard Lazar’s story. But when he revealed home video — albeit poor 1990s quality — he took with friends while test flights were conducted at night around Groom Lake, near Area 51, I was sold. To me, Bob is a very credible guy. Now, according to Lazar, “Element 115” is the fuel source for the alien spacecraft he was hired to back-engineer — and if we could harness its ability to create gravitational energy and its unique power of propulsion, it would radically change all life on the planet. Lazar understands that the ‘prize is the technology’ but he also feels his former employers are being reckless and ill-prepared in solving the secret of anti-gravity propulsion.

Zoller suggests “futurians” have anti-gravity propulsion systems — Graphics by S. Zoller

Zoller suggests:

Q Obviously, profit has to be involved, but why is Big Oil and the powers-that-be trying so hard to keep this energy solution under wraps?

A One guess is that they want to delay this new fuel’s introduction as long as possible until they can milk every last ounce of profit from fossil fuels. Then make astronomical profits with the quick fix to all our environmental woes. If that indeed is the case, then we need to put the people who run the fossil fuel industry and the shareholders who profit from it behind bars.

Q In what scenario would your so-called “Futurians” actually work with us?

A As I mentioned in a previous Medium article, the futurians can’t tamper with the timeline and simply hand us the blueprints to those reactors. We have to figure out how to build them ourselves. The seemingly insurmountable problem is that anti-matter is really hard to produce in large quantities and can only be “created” at facilities like the Large Hadron particle collider at Cern, Switzerland. Moreover, it would cost trillions of dollars to produce enough anti-matter for one small reactor. But what we the people around the world can do is demand that our scientific communities concentrate on solving this problem and not on building bigger and more powerful weapons. We need to demand that nations get off the economic growth at all costs merry-go-round, wean ourselves off our addiction to fossil fuels, and, reverse the effects of climate change. And, now!

The Good Earth — before we kill it! Graphics by S. Zoller

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