UFOs Watch as the Earth Stands Still

The Day the Earth Looked Up

So. They are. Here!

HuffPo recently ran a provocative story with the headline, Explosive UFO Report In NYT Mentions ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made On This Earth. Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, who has consulted with the Pentagon, told the Times he briefed the Defense Department in March about “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth,” additionally suggesting that he examined some of the materials and concluded “we couldn’t make it ourselves.”

The New York Times article itself was following up on a previous post, ‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects, which reported on a video that shows a whitish oval object described as a giant ‘Tic Tac’ about the size of a commercial plane, encountered by two Navy fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

Hiding in plain sight

Fighter pilot Chad Underwood had actually filmed the ‘Tic Tac incident, saying, “The part that drew our attention was how it wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics.” The military has since confirmed that the footage is real, and formally declassified it in the Spring, but has said little else about it. Subsequently, other Navy pilots have said in interviews with The New York Times that they witnessed unexplained objects in 2014 and 2015 while on training maneuvers from Virginia to Florida off the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

But, the newest accounts report that these sightings are now being discussed in top Government circles with Sen. Rubio (R-Fla.), acting chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, indicating his concern that the supposed AAVs (Advanced Aerospace Vehicles or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) could be new technology from foreign nations.

Or not!

Rubio now suggests, “We have things flying over our military bases and places where we’re conducting military exercises, and we don’t know what it is, and it isn’t ours…I would say that, frankly, that if it’s something from outside this planet, that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary that allows them to conduct this sort of activity.”

However, Rubio, whose grasp of history may be as tenuous as his chief, President Trump, forgot that UFOs have been appearing in our skies since 1946, at a time when China was not industrialized and Russia was busy dealing with the aftermath of the war.

The Landing Pad

So if not Russia or China, then who — Futurians, time travelers from our future?

With the world at a virtual standstill for six months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one has to wonder why the Pentagon chose to release this information now. Is the Pentagon basically admitting that whistleblower physicist Bob Lazar has been telling the truth all along? Called the “reluctant UFO Messiah,” Lazar appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to talk about his eye-opening work experience reverse-engineering “alien” technology at the S-4 base close to Area 51. Lazar suggests that the “prize is the technology” but he also feels his former employers are being reckless and ill-prepared to solving the secret of anti-gravity propulsion.

So what is happening here? For an increasing many, including ex-DOD officials, high profile PhDs, scientists, airforce pilots and UFOlogists, it’s now clear that AAVs may not be figments of our imagination. Although, we have no definitive proof from where they originate or what their intentions are. With the world being hit by one crisis after another, are the occupants of those hyper-advanced craft here to observe our demise or are they here for a completely different reason?

So, I sought out my UFOlogist friend Stephen Zoller, whom we last spoke to in several eye-opening articles last summer, including: “The Reality of UFOs May Be Hiding in Plain Sight”; and, “UFOs & The Great Convergence.” He suggests that “with these new reports there is NO longer any doubt that we are not alone.”

Q. Steve, it’s been awhile since our last chat. A lot has happened since.

A. Of course, first and foremost is the Covid Pandemic, a shining example of the price we are paying for our overpopulation.

Q. How so?

A. Too many people living cheek by jowl, and too many people flying willy-nilly around the globe. If one of them happens to eat something they shouldn’t, like say, rancid deep fried bat wings, and then hops on a plane at one of the mega airports of the world like Hong Kong International, which handled close to 75 million passengers last year…well, you get the picture.

Q. This fits the convergence of catastrophes scenario that you put forth in our earlier installments?

A. Believe me I derive very little satisfaction from being ahead of the curve. But what I find most unsettling is the way this crisis has been mishandled, especially in the U.S. where a whole swath of the public insists on denial of facts and science. It’s a prescription for disaster.

Q. So what is it about us humans, how did we get here?

A. Greed. Placing profit above public health and welfare.

Q. So, it’s time for us to apply some shock therapy to our outdated systems?

A. It’s time to move on and obliterate that old capitalist slogan “what’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” The leadership of all the major powers are acting like tin pot dictators.

Q. I hope you’re not leading us down another dark path. I’ve received comments that our discussions about UFOs and worldwide chaos genuinely frightens people.

A. And for that I apologize. I’ve also heard from people who find no solace knowing that our super-advanced descendants — aka Futurians — have traveled back in time to merrily watch us self-destruct.

Q. To be fair, you did propose the possibility that some of us may be saved by them and sky-lifted to the future?

A. Which on face value seems way too pie-in-the-sky. The prevailing sentiment among UFO watchers is that they are of extraterrestrial origin. The other 7.5 billion people on this planet couldn’t care less.

Q. You’ve doused the notion of an invasion, then why are they here?

A. Their presence alone proves that the human race, despite all our woes and flaws, does survive in one form or another.

Q. You’re right, that is positive. So do you see any silver linings to the current global crises we face?

A. I think all this upheaval will eventually lead to positive changes. Not everyone has gorged themselves on the psycho-brew of Trump or the UK’s Johnson. The pandemic and the lockdown have made many people more reflective of what’s important to us as a species.

The Age of Aquarius

Q. Nostradamus himself predicted that this period of chaos will be followed by an epoch of tranquility.

A. And the mystics have a name for it — The Age of Aquarius. Think about the amazing advances that have taken place in all fields in the 7O years following WWII. Medicine. Landing on the moon. Home computers. Mapping the Human Genome. We are pushing the boundaries of our knowledge every day. Just yesterday it was announced that we are knocking on the door of being able to control the aging process. The Hedron Collider in Cern, Switzerland has discovered particles that existed a billionth of a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

New power sources — nuclear fusion reactor

Q. It spins one’s head, I grant you that.

A. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. Quantum computers are a mere 10 years away. And, those in the know predict that it will fundamentally transform our lives by a huge factor. Then there’s the international nuclear fusion reactor that is being built in France. These are all game-changers that could help us navigate this environmental minefield that we have laid in front of ourselves. My guess is that our time traveling descendants are here to witness the beginning of an enlightened epoch for the human race.

Q. So there is hope for us after all?

A. Indeed.

Hope for the Future — Quantum Computers

Q. And, to conclude this fascinating discussion?

A. In case there are readers who remain skeptical about linking UFOs to time travel, I’d like to point out that I’m not alone on this. Since we last spoke, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Professor Michael Masters who teaches biological anthropology at Montana Tech University in Butte. He asks “Are UFOs time machines from the future?” And, he’s recently published a book entitled “Identified Flying Objects” where he lays out his time travel theory way more effectively than I can ever do. Then there’s Professor Alexander Wendt at Ohio State who is attempting to rally scientists around the globe to pressure their governments to come clean about UFOs. To one and all, be good and stay safe. And keep watching the skies!

PS Remember in that Oliver Stone movie, Wall Street, when financial mogul Gorden Gekko said “greed is good…greed will save that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.” Well watch out for a future blog debating whether we should/can eliminate the greed gene.

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